Here's how it works:

Installation and removal prices- our prices include the cost of the lights plus an installation cost of $2.00 per foot. This price is includes installation and removal as well as glueing arches, windows, etc., and stake lighting at no extra cost to the customer.

Custom Christmas Lights charges a one-time fee for the cost of the lights of $.90/foot. This is my cost and it is an average I have calculated over the years which includes wire, bulbs, timer, clips, etc. I am not in the lighting business to make money selling you lights. I am here to provide a service.

The lights are yours to keep. At the end of the season I will ask you to leave a container on the porch for us to place the lights in. You store the lights; you own the lights. If you are ever dissatisfied with our service you are free to hire another contractor.

As long as you are my customer I will maintain your lights free of charge. As strands become old and weathered I replace them at no cost to you. It is in my best interest as well as yours to keep your lights in perfect condition. Some of my oldest clients have had their lights completely replaced twice!

After Custom Christmas Lights has finished all residential installations I personally drive to each and every home to inspect our lighting. If there are any burned out bulbs they are replaced at that time. 

It is my goal to address any customer service issues within 24 hours. Bulbs will burn out; it's inevitable. Although I hope you won't call me for just one bulb, I will drive to your house for that very reason if you can't wait for my end-of-the-season inspection. I have been known to personally repair lights on a Sunday the rain...and during a Cowboy game!

If you have a Christmas party, give me a week's notice and I will try to schedule an inspection the day before or the day of, if possible.

Custom Christmas Lights will, from year to year, change your bulb colors free of charge. That's right. Trends in lighting change and you should not be charged for wanting a different look during the holidays. (*This does not include changing from incandescent bulbs to LED lighting.*) The trend in the last few years has leaned from all white bulbs to color combinations, of which red-and-white alternating and red-and-green alternating have become most popular.

Lighting removal begins January 2nd. All lights are down before the end of the month. I will call or e-mail to schedule removals. If, for some reason, you forget to place your storage tub on the front porch we will leave the lights rolled up in an orderly fashion on your porch. If a balance is owed to Custom Christmas Lights it must be paid before the lights are removed.